Wealth Management

Build your new favourite bank with prestige and grit.

Smart, experienced, awesome and hard working colleagues make working for Luminor so easy and great. Also I can be part of the largest credit institutions merger process in the Baltics and my job is extremely exciting because I am developing and learning new things every day.

Sten Mattias Oksaar
Account Manager at Private Banking Estonia Department

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What We Do

Wealth Management division subsist of quite a few teams that together supports and contributes to Luminor across the Baltics
- Private Banking Lithuania Department
- Private Banking Latvia Department
- Private Banking Estonia Department
- Asset Management & Pensions Department
and more

The Luminor attitude:


Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we’ve already imagined it.


Without collaboration, there’s no point in building a company—we could all be consultants.


Without focus, we waste time and resources. For Luminor, this would delay the future (unacceptable).

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