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I really love communicating with our customers and finding solutions to various problems. In my position I can definitely say: if a customer is happy, I am happy! I honestly enjoy working with my colleagues, they are Positive, professional, and well organized - this is an environment that encourages me to go to work every day.

Jelizaveta Slessareva
Leasing Expert

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What We Do

We have very wide range of positions in different levels from assistants to heads of departments with different expertise levels, who are responsible for planning, budgeting, and controlling financial resources. Ensuring correct legal background for every single process, products and contracts allows us to finalize all agreements made with our customers. Operations department is our largest department within Financial division and it runs all classical back office operational activities such as ensuring payment processes, account related processing, payment cards related processing, different types of long and short term loans processing, etc.

Finance division subsist of quite a few teams that together supports and contributes to Luminor across the Baltics.
- Group Finance Department
- Treasury & ALM Department
- Operations Department
and more

The Luminor attitude:


Without curiosity, Luminor would not exist. Nobody has yet seen the future, but we have imagined it already.


Without collaboration, there’s no point to make a company—we could all be consultants.


Without focus, we waste time and resources. At Luminor it means that we will delay the future (not acceptable).

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